RFM is equipped with the finest analog and digital equipment available in a carefully designed critical listening environment. I use a combination of custom built electronics designed specifically for my needs along with some of the finest gear found in mastering facilities around the world. Having the best tools available helps me make your music sound exactly the way you want.


Masterƒorte’ / Barry Porter Analog Mastering Equalizer

Masterƒorte’ / Fear Labs / Davelizer  Analog Four Channel Disk Mastering Equalizer

Sontec MEP 250C (converted to MES) Analog Mastering Equalizer

Dangerous BAX Analog Mastering Equalizer

TAB / Telefunken W395a Vintage Analog Mastering Equalizer

z-Systems z-Q2 Digital Mastering EqualizerDSCF0065

• Various plug-in Equalizers

Dynamic Processing

Requisite Audio L2M Analog Mastering Compressor

API 2500 Analog Compressor

Foote Control Systems P3S ME Analog Mastering Compressor

Maselec MDS-2 Analog Mastering De-Esser

Valley 415 Disk Mastering De-Esser

• Various plug-in Compressors and Limiters

A/D and D/A Conversion

Crane Song HEDD 192 ADC and DAC

Mithat Konar custom 6 channel DAC

Crane Song HEDD Tube and Tape SimulatorRareForm24

Analog Playback

Studer A-80 mkI  ¼” and ½” Preview Deck

Studer A-80 mk II/IV  ¼” and ½” track Deck

Otari MTR-10 ¼” and ½” Deck (modified tape path)

Revox B77 ¼” stereo and ¼ track stereo decks (3.75/7.5/15 ips)

Teac 3340S (¼” 4 track and ¼ track stereo)

Technics SL-1200 Mk II turntable (with KAB modifications)

• Various cartridges for various groove formats

Mike Shields Custom Phono Pre-amp

VPI HW-16.5 Vacuum Record Cleaner

Dolby Model 363 SR/A Noise Reduction

dbx 150 Type 1 Noise Reduction

Digital Tape Playback

Sony R-500 DAT

Sony PCM 601 F1 format (with digital output)


Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl has made a serious comeback and I’m enjoying the ride. Even though modern technology has made studio recording easier than ever, there are no shortcuts with vinyl. Cutting great sounding masters is still a time consuming and delicate process that requires an experienced engineer and the best equipment available. I cut lacquer masters on the industry standard Neumann VMS 70 record lathe to make sure your vinyl experience is as good as it can be.

Neumann VMS 70 Record Lathe

Neumann SX 74 Cutting Head

Neumann SAL 74 B Cutting Amplifiers and Electronics

Studer A80 Preview Deck for all-analog mastering (¼” and ½”)

Masterƒorte’ / Fear Labs / Davelizer  Analog Four Channel Disc Mastering Equalizer

Masterƒorte’ Lathe Audio Interface and Monitor Console

Fear Labs Lathe Automation

DJR Discomp Disc Mastering Computer

Reference Monitoring Environment

Mastering is all about listening and a mastering engineer’s most important tool is his monitoring environment. Nothing but the best will do. My studio has been carefully designed to present your music in a natural and neutral way, allowing me to hear the finest details to make sure it will sound great everywhere.

PMC MB1 XBD Studio Monitors

Hypex UcD400HG Class D Amplification

Mithat Konar custom 6 channel DAC

Masterƒorte’ Monitoring Console

Stax SR-X Mark 3 Headphones

Stax SRD-7 Headphone Amp

Creek OBH-11 Headphone Amp

Tannoy DMT Series 10 Monitors (surround)